A lawsuit to open up the Seth Rich case

An open source Federal Lawsuit is being filed, where
 We the People have direct input into the filings being made in this lawsuit


An Open Source Lawsuit
Send us your ideas
Anyone investigating the Seth Rich case is welcome to send in ideas on what filings should be made in the lawsuit. People with legal skills can also send in legal papers already typed up for possible filing. 

Send to admin@FederalLawsuit.US

See the excellent open source investigation being run by George Webb and Jason Goodman;

George Webb's Youtube channel

Jason's Youtube channel

Donations to help this federal lawsuit are welcomed.


Preparing the Original Complaint
What we have so far for the complaint;
* Gross Negligence, for the federal govt failing to properly investigate the murder of Seth Rich. The court is being asked to order the Justice dept to properly investigate the murder of Seth Rich.

* The court is being asked to order the Justice dept, that if anyone who is listed as a witness, defendant or plaintiff in a federal lawsuit is murdered, the Justice dept must investigate that murder. This would be a standing order that applies to all federal lawsuits, not only the DNC lawsuit.

We need;
* Subpoenas typed up to access the body cam videos of the police who arrived at the Seth Rich crime scene.

* Subpoenas to order the hospital to release all the medical records on Seth Rich the night he died. Also to release all the names of the medical personnel who attended to Seth in any way.

* Subpoenas to look at Seth Rich's computer and cell phone.


Documents, webpages and videos related to the Seth Rich case
Police report on the police arriving after Seth Rich was shot. 

A statement apparently made by a physician who treated Seth Rich that night

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