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 Beginning in July of 2016, some people began saying a noted Youtuber named Marina has schizophrenia. Many said she doesn't, but some said she does. Marina was apparently frequenting raves and overnight festivals where psychedelic drugs are sometimes given out. If Marina's conduct was due to drug use, then it is not schizophrenia. Most all psychiatry books say, in order for a schizophrenia diagnosis to be made, the person must show symptoms for 6 months straight, where the person was not using any drugs that could cause those symptoms. 

In other words, if the cause of Marina's problems was drug use, then Marina does not have schizophrenia. 

Marina Joyce Drug Addiction Confirmed

Marina Joyce Has TEXTBOOK Schizophrenia Features: Med Student Psychoanalysis


A lawsuit is being filed to abolish this confusing diagnosis

Specifically, the psychiatry field is using highly confusing diagnoses like schizophrenia, which can be made on people for trivial reasons like being a little fearful, to serious reasons like committing a violent crime. The media has, for decades, shown schizophrenia to be a very confusing diagnosis. It is so confusing, it needs to be abolished and removed from the DSM manual entirely. The lawsuit is stating that this diagnosis needs to be banned because it can violate the constitutional rights of people diagnosed with it. Many people given this diagnosis actually had an adverse reaction to a drug or medication, which is temporary. This diagnosis is so confusing, it needs to be abolished.

Marina Joyce does not have schizophrenia, a poorly 
defined so-called illness that needs to be abolished

Marina kidnaped by ISIS? Being held against her will? Nonsense

Sheer nonsense. Marina didn't make those statements. Marina didn't call the police to come out to her house. This was done by either a prankster, or perhaps overly concerned fans daydreaming too much and then acting on those daydreams. There is a big difference between daydreaming, and acting on a daydream. If drug use was the cause for excessive daydreaming (also called having delusions) then it is not schizophrenia, but some people say it anyway.

This video explains how it all got started

Marina Joyce Reveals The Truth

Here is Marina's excellent Youtube page


What happened?
With Marina's growing popularity resulting in more comments on her videos. Marina began giving positive Likes, or thumbs up to all the comments people left on her videos, instead of Liking just some comments. Marina explained she didn't have time to read all the comments, so she began skimming down to Like them all, to be nice to everyone. 

Someone left a comment saying Marina was being held hostage, and when they saw Marina gave a positive Like to that comment, a rumor spread claiming Marina was being held hostage by ISIS. Surely this was comedy, until someone called the police to check up on Marina. Amidst these nutty rumors was talk of Marina possibly having schizophrenia, which is a highly confusing diagnosis. It is so confusing, and so poorly defined, a lawsuit is being filed to have the schizophrenia diagnosis deemed unconstitutional and abolished. 

Marina is doing fantastic
The whole time Marina is to be congratulated by having love for all people, and by not over reacting or being rude. Marina stayed with love and goodness, holding her hands in a love shape, which is Marina's trademark "love for all people" symbol. 

After a month of speculation, with numerous Youtube videos theorizing about whether Marina has schizophrenia or not, many Youtubers are not even sure what schizophrenia is. This is more proof it needs to be abolished.

IT WAS FAKE? Marina Joyce

Marina Joyce Explains Bruises
Responds to Accusations, and More in Interview

My thoughts on Marina Joyce!!!!!!!

YouTuber Abuse/Drug Accusations Have Blown Up. Marina Joyce Fans Rally To Help Her!


#SaveMarinaJoyce - Marina Joyce Drama Debunked - The Truth

PewDiePie - The #1 Youtuber steps in to help
Youtube's "love for all people" attitude has resulted in noted Youtubers coming in to help Marina. A Swedish Youtuber named PewDiePie who earns $7 million a year from his videos made a nice comedy video about Marina, mixing in his own lovable brand of humor with standard Youtube comedy to make light of all the confusion. As the Most Subscribed Youtuber, PewDiePie's video will cause many people to also watch Marina's videos, thereby bringing in more money for Marina, which is nice of him. Money always helps. :)
PewDiePie's video on Marina

False claims of schizophrenia
Medically, schizophrenia is supposed to be defined as when a person is not using drugs, but is experiencing the same effects as LSD or other hallucinogens for a period of six months or longer. This would be like a person who wakes up every morning, looks out the window and says Nazi SS men are after her, where these paranoid delusions continue for 6 months or more, and the person is not using any drugs. Marina does not have that condition. Please donate to this lawsuit to abolish schizophrenia.

Lawsuit Overview

The lawsuit is asking the court to order the following changes;

The schizophrenia diagnosis must be abolished and replaced with different diagnoses which more accurately describe a condition, which do not sound alike. 

One aspect of the psychiatry field in need of correction is how diagnoses like schizophrenia don't distinguish between a person who daydreams excessively (delusions) but doesn't act on the daydreams, which means the person has self control,


a person who daydreams excessively and does acts on them, showing little or no self control.

This lawsuit will ask the court to order this corrected by requiring totally different diagnoses to be used for people who daydream excessively and do not act on the daydreams, from people who daydream excessively and do act on the daydreams. These are two totally different kinds of people. One may be dangerous. The other isn't. 

Additionally, a different sounding diagnosis for people who #1 daydream excessively, #2 act on the daydreams, and #3 commit a violent crime.

* A third new diagnosis for someone who acts on a daydream and breaks the law, but is not violent. The person goes to court for a non violent offense like theft or vandalism. If the person is convicted, and if the court orders a psychology evaluation, the person may then be given this diagnosis.

* Totally different diagnoses for people who have delusions and are scared, than for people with delusions who are not scared. Right now, the most commonly used psychiatric diagnoses (manic depression and schizophrenia) do not distinguish between a victim and a criminal. A woman who was beaten and gang raped can be given the exact same mental diagnosis as a man who thinks UFOs are chasing him so he drives his truck through a crowd of people. This lawsuit will ask the court to order entirely new diagnoses to be created for victims who are paranoid or have delusions or act on their delusions (but not in a violent manner).

* A completely separate series of diagnoses called Violence diagnoses for people who acted on a daydream and committed a violent crime, were convicted in a court of law for that violent crime, where they pled diminished capacity, mental illness, insanity or similar, and where the court agreed. None of these diagnoses can sound alike, so as not to be confused with each other. Someone who commits a crime but takes full responsibility, where the court agrees, cannot be given a Violence diagnosis. 

Mandatory fines for false accusations
* A person who was not convicted of a violent crime cannot be diagnosed with a Violence diagnosis. If any person says he had, or has, a Violence diagnosis, then a mandatory minimum fine of $1,000 shall be levied on the person saying it. From those fines, 20% will be paid to the person it was said about, and 20% paid to the person or group who reported the offense.  
For any webpage or similar Internet publication claiming someone had, or has, a Violence diagnosis, then a mandatory minimum fine of $5,000 shall be levied on the website owner. From those fines, 20% will be paid to the person it was said about, and 20% paid to the person or group who reported the offense.  

For any newspaper, magazine or similar printed publication claiming someone had, or has, a Violence diagnosis, then a mandatory minimum fine of $50,000 shall be levied on the publisher. From those fines, 20% will be paid to the person it was said about, and 20% paid to the person or group who reported the offense.  

* A range of violence diagnoses which are different from each other, to clearly denote what level of violent crime was engaged in. Someone who daydreamed excessively then stole a car because he thought the UFOs were chasing him, would be given a totally different diagnosis than someone who daydreamed excessively, then acted on those daydreams by shooting his rifle at pedestrians. 

NOTE; Daydreaming is a perfectly normal thing to do, as long as the person doesn't act on any daydreams. Certain drugs cause people to daydream excessively. For anyone who finds themselves daydreaming a lot, it is important to ignore the daydreams and to never act on them. A person will never have a problem is he simply sticks with kindness, non violence, and love for all people.

Donations can be made to help the lawsuit to abolish the schizophrenia 
diagnosis by emailing  TheProtectionGrp@gmail.com

The Statement of Competency
Here is a legal document called the Statement of Competency that shows a person is not crazy and is fully competent. The person downloads it and studies it. If the person fully agrees with it, he signs it and gives copies of it to the judge and any lawyers and psychologists involved. This Statement of Competency shows excellent results in preventing false accusations that attempt to claim the person is crazy, which is basically defamation.

Download the Statement of Competency for your country

Statement of Competency (Australia)
Statement of Competency (United States)
Statement of Competency (United Kingdom)
Statement of Competency (Denmark)
Statement of Competency (British Columbia, CA)

Most people experiencing a bad reaction to a drug do not have a mental illness. Drug induced symptoms such as depression, anxiety and paranoia go away when the drug use stops. For example, a drug commonly found in High Schools and colleges is marijuana, a mild hallucinogen some people find pleasant and relaxing. Marijuana may also cause excessive daydreaming, paranoia, anxiety and even depression, and it is not a mental illness. This situation can become complicated because many people try to hide the fact they were using illegal drugs, when in fact they were. This may result in a psychology evaluation being written that incorrectly says "no drug use was involved", where it incorrectly says the person had a mental illness. When a drug causes unpleasant side effects, the symptoms are temporary and it is not a mental illness. Medically speaking, it is called "an adverse reaction to a drug".


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